It began in Berlin in June 2016 with the creation of a single product: Fine deodorant Vetiver Geranium. Only one month after everything was sold out and it took us months to meet the ever increasing demand.

Fine has grown over the years now: new scents and designs have been added. Our newest addition to the Fine family is our small but exquisite face care line.
Our natural products are produced in close collaboration with various German labs – always according to the strict regulations of the EU cosmetic law. They are always 100% vegan, organic and clean – without nasty ingredients and aluminium salts.
Within the Fine universe we constantly try to avoid plastic and endeavor to reuse materials as often as possible.
Our beautiful wooden spatulas from American nut-wood are produced in an anthroposophical workshop for people with special needs with a lot of love and care. Also our paper packages are ready-made in another workshop right here in Berlin.



As it happened I have been on the search for a healthy AND functioning deodorant for decades, a natural, organic and vegan deodorant that does not only prevent undesired odors but also satisfies my three obsessions. There was no way around: I had to invent Fine.

Judith Springer, Gründerin und kreativer Kopf von Fine

Following my belief that I won’t ever bring something on the market that already exists or for which problem I have already found a good solution, we are now presenting a tiny face care line. I have always been looking for the perfect mask, that really addressed my needs and that actually worked. I hope you enjoy our new masks and eye serum as much as I do!
I have many ideas for future products that will one day be part of the Fine family.


Fine Art Edition

Over twenty years in the art business – actually since I was born surrounded by it – ask for continuity. That is why I want to give back with Fine to all those inspiring and super creative artists I have been working with. Approximately every three or four month a Berlin artist is asked to create an art edition that is inspired by Fine. This edition is then added to every order.