Energy – Set (Focus, Energy, Peace)


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Our body serums are a luxurious two-phase body treatment where an exquisite combination of Original Australian Bushflowers and a sophisticated infusion of essential oils marry to ensure the different characters of each serum. Our Peace body serum consists of an exclusive extract from Mediterranean algae that repairs UVA/UVB and pollution induced damage – rejuvenating and restoring your skin. Our body serum Focus leaves your skin fresh and radiant thanks to a precious extract from Mediterranean algae that restores your optimal hydration. Our Energy body serum is enriched with a special antioxidant-rich extract from Mediterranean algae that neutralizes free radicals and stimulates collagen as well as hyaluronic acid synthesis – revealing your most radiant self.
Shake well until the two phases mix. Then pump just the right amount into your hands and massage it lovingly to your skin after showering in the evening. Inhale and feel the peaceful power it gives. Allow it to absorb, then enjoy your day or sleep tight.
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