1.) I am pregnant. Can I use your deodorant?
If you are pregnant – Congratulations! – then please ask your gynaecologist or doctor before you use our deodorant, he or she will know what is best for you. As our fine deodorant contains essential oils, which are very powerful, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before using it.

2.) Can I use it for my child?
Although our deodorant is 100% natural and without any harming ingredients children do react differently and more sensitive to various ingredients – above all essential oils – than adults. Please ask your pediatrician before you use our fine deodorant on your child.

3.) Can I use the deodorant while undergoing a homeopathic treatment?
Basically yes, because our fine dedororant does not contain Camphor or Menthol. However some batches of Lavender oil – which is considered the safest oil around – may contain traces of Camphor and Eucalypthol, which are not to use during a homeopathic treatment.

4.) I have used your deodorant but still noticing some undesired odors…
We guess that you did not use enough. You should take approximately a pea-sized amount (depends of course on the size of your arm pit) and apply it gently to the whole region, like applying a cream. This should work.

5.) I notice white marks and traces on my shirt in the arm pit region.
As you should not use too little you should equally not use too much. This is probably causing the traces on your shirt. No worries, you will soon be able to apply the right amount. And also don’t worry, the traces are easily washed out, even with just some water usually.

6.) Where I live it is freezingly cold and so is my bathroom – my deodorant appears to be quite solid…
Although our fine deodorant is designed that it has the perfect texture no matter what temperature in – or outside, it might get a little hard if it is really cold. In this case just scrap out the correct amount with the spatula and rub it between your fingers, it will soon have the right consistency.

7.) I do not get anything out of my tube, no matter how hard I press…
– Okay, it is obviously too cold where you are. Just put the tube on the heating for a short moment or warm it in between your hands, this should do the job.

8.) Do you recycle the glas jars?
As much as we would love to do so, it is not possible for us at the moment. Just reuse them for something else or put them in your recycling container.

9.) Can I use your deodorant after shaving?
As FINE is without alcohol, applying it directly after shaving is not a problem at all – no burning whatsoever.

10.) After using your deodorant I get rashes and little red pimples, what has happened?
In that rare case you should immediately stop using FINE as you are probably either sensitive to essential oils or to baking soda. This is why I created Senza – it is whithout baking soda and essential oils, just the perfect deodorant for you sensitive skins out there.

11.) FINE contains Kaolin, that is an aluminium compound, isn’t it??
Yes, that is correct. Precisely it is an aluminium silicate. Aluminium silicates (like e.g. Bentonit, Zeolith and Saphire) are highly stable aluminium compounds where the aluminium can only be extracted under very high temperatures. Whereas aluminium salts are very unstable enabling the aluminium to seperate easily and accumulate in your body. The chemical stability of the aluminium silicate guarantees that this kind of aluminium compound is not harming your body.

12.) There seems to be a giant air bubble in my glass. Did I not get the full 30 g?
Although it may not look like it, in every glas are 30 g. The machine that fills the glasses only stops filling them up when the weight of 30 g is reached. Depending on the production the filling height can vary.

13.) The deodorant stick is impossible to push up. What can I do?
If the stick is too cold, pushing it up is difficult. We recommend storing it in a place with about 22 degrees. But you can easily warm it between your hands for a couple of minutes, then pushing it up should not be a problem anymore.