The brand: Costa Brazil - Natural beauty products from Brazil

Costa Brazil ist eine nachhaltige Beautylinie, die von Francisco Costa kreiert wurde - basierend auf der einfachen Überzeugung, dass der Geist der Schönheit untrennbar mit der Gesundheit der Erde verbunden ist.

Der Schutz unserer Umwelt hat sich Costa, der geboren und aufgewachsen ist in Brasilien, tief eingeprägt. Während seiner gesamten, sehr umfassenden, Karriere in der Mode (Kreativdirektor bei Calvin Klein) hat er immer wieder gezeigt, dass aufregendes Design durchaus mit klugen und nachhaltigen Prozessen verbunden werden kann.

2016 ist er zurück in seine Heimat gezogen, um die natürlichen Wunder des Amazonas-Regenwaldes zu erforschen. Hier entdeckte er lokale Heilungsrituale und bisher unentdeckte natürlich Inhaltsstoffe und Heilmittel verbunden mit dem Imperativ umgehend etwas für deren Erhaltung zu tun. Das Ergebnis ist Costa Brazil, welches die Energie der Natur mit Costas Auge für Schönheit verbindet  - stets bemüht, nicht nur den Körper zu nähren sondern auch unsere Erde.

Conscious sustainability is the foundation on which Costa Brazil was founded. Their mission is to change the fundamental principles of the beauty industry by creating pure, sustainable products that encourage people to become active against climate change.

Costa Brazil - Sustainable production

Costa Brazil is a partner of "Conservation International" and works closely with them to create optimal production conditions. They help Costa Brazil to find already existing cultivation land and support the "comunidades ribeirinhas". It's not enough to benefit from nature's nourishing substances, Costa Brazil takes responsibility for having a positive impact on the environment - from raw material extraction to packaging.

In every step of production, they are totally committed to sustainability and naturalness. When possible, their raw materials are wild-collected. They select their suppliers based on sustainability and fair trade aspects. I like the simplicity of the products, the product design. They are high quality and yet very minimalistic. A clear and concise brand. The face oil is my absolute favorite.

Costa Brazil - Sal de Banho | Refill Bath Salt

Eases Tension | Softens Skin | Calms & Soothes Make Sal de Banho the first step in your Relax Ritual to nourish the mind and body, ease tension, soften skin for an overall improvement in skin health and wellbeing. This formula boasts a unique blend of Epsom and Mineral Sea Salts, detoxifying Brazilian White Clay, Breu Branco, vitamin C-infused Camu Camu, and first-to-market CBA, a natural proprietary compound of Copaiba and Passion Fruit Seed Oils rich in cannabinoids. CBA provides de-stressing properties and nourishing antioxidants to skin exposed to environmental stress, and its soothing properties complement your bath ritual to help ready you for a good night's rest. Good for all skin types. No added fragrance.

Costa Brazil - Oleo Para A Face Kaya

Enhances Firming, Radiance, Calms and Soothe

A Brazilian rainforest beauty elixir powered by nature to enhance your skin’s healthy glow. This fast-absorbing, lightweight formula is rich in nourishing lipids, essential fatty acids, omegas 3, 6, 9 and vitamins A, C and E. Powerful antioxidants help boost radiance, firmness and hydration. No fragrance added. All skin types.

Costa Brazil - Creme Para O Corpo

Hydrating, Enhances Firming, Improves Texture and Skin Tone

Enhance your skin's natural vitality with this rich body cream featuring concentrated, active ingredients indigenous to the Amazon. Packed with omegas 3, 6, 9 and Vitamins A, B3, C and E, it provides lasting hydration and radiance. Creme Para O Corpo is aloe leaf juice-based and contains only 10-20% of water, which stems from a combination of Breu Branco Extract and Orange Flower Water. Unlike most creams, there is no added water other than that which is found naturally in the potent extracts. This allows for an undiluted source of vitamins, omegas, antioxidants and essential fatty acids needed to help ensure hydrated, evenly-toned skin. No added fragrance. All skin types.
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