YLN – Moisturizing Bar


1.100,00  / 1000 g

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Forget all conditioners!

20 g

Produkt enthält: 20 g

Marion says that here we are in the field of high end natural cosmetics. Forget all conditioners! This small precious thing is enough and lasts forever! Marion cannot work without it anymore and I love it too! This unimpressive little thingy is the best what can be used in terms of hair care and she uses it on every customer. A concentrate with highly effective binding moisturizers plus Coconut oil which helps all dry hairs out there to recover.  Your hair stays fluffly and light despite the fact that it is a leave-in-product. Therefore this product can also be used in between rubbed into dry hair or to define natural curls. This small bar can easily be divided and lasts forever.
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