Josh Rosebrook – Vital Balm Cream


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If a cream at all, then take this!

45 ml

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Vital Balm Cream is a uniquely effective, powerful moisturizer that combines the barrier benefits of a natural balm with the absorption and luxury finish of a cream. This multi-benefit moisturizer supports true skin health and beauty by facilitating maximum cellular hydration, repair, and restoring vital skin function. Aloe Vera, whole organic actives, and rich plant oils deliver potent nutrient synergy to support true skin regeneration. Indian Senna Seed offers high polysaccharides which are responsible for the skin cell’s ability to hydrate and hold moisture while also critical for skin repair. Fusing Indian Senna Seed extract with our distinct herbal actives creates unparalleled skin support to increase moisture retention, lock in hydration, plump, soften, protect and slow skin decline. Formulated for normal to dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin - all ingredients are non-comedogenic, but skins that congest easy should sample first.
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