Why I do what I do

I am so excited that there is finally a room for me to share with you further thoughts, insights, background information or other interesting stuff out of the Fine universe.
I am asked frequently why I do what I do and how I came to do it. Why I am now into cosmetics after having studied law, having worked as a curator for a decade, doing my PhD and working as a yoga teacher?
For me my work with Fine brings everything that has fascinated me from these other worlds together:
the precision in law (and of course the burocratic side), the aesthetics of art, the consistency and self-discipline you need when writing a book, the search for the moment when everything is aligned, the moment of stillness as in Yoga.
Above all I can truly live out my long term passion for scents, emulsions, care and health.
In fact it is after having worked in so different areas my calling. I love my office, my work, my products, my dear customers and my employees. I am so deeply grateful that they all allow me to live my passion to the fullest!

I am already pregnant with new ideas for new products, projects, offers. So much looking forward to 2022!





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